Diana Taurasi and Seimone Augustus were defending each other during a WNBA conference finals game between the Minnesota Lynx and the Phoenix Mercury this wee…

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  • polpolopol 1 week ago

    @frankachtou who cares about them not being feminine. As far as I’m
    concerned, if they play well, I’m ok with whatever outfit they wear.

  • MARiJANE RAMiREZ 1 week ago

    Why do they look like men? Why can’t female sports have actual females.

  • frankachtou 1 week ago

    they should have different outfits than men. like volleyball, no shit they
    dont look feminin

  • The Fumble 1 week ago
  • Marie Menerville 1 week ago

    Wow kill yourselves

  • whitefilpino 1 week ago

    Daisy duke shorts would help too.

  • brian florencio 1 week ago

    even the wnba is rigged

  • Joel Tenorio 1 week ago

    U niggas is WNBA ALL PUSSY!