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  • RBT 1 day ago

    Check out the next episode here! North Carolina NCAA Football 15 Dynasty:
    Week 3 vs. East Carolina – Season 1

  • jnd99 1 day ago

    First stfu you cant comentat, second i love how you titled it ncaa 15 to
    get views, third learn how to pronounce names

  • Grace Cashman 1 day ago

    you sound like walter jr

  • StormUniverse 23 hours ago

    RBT Nice videos. And I believe theres NCAA Football 15

  • Cairee Mcmillian 23 hours ago

    That is not ncaa 15

  • Jack Septictank 22 hours ago

    Good Commentary 

  • not242 22 hours ago

    Awesome, so happy that this has started.

  • Corbin White 22 hours ago

    How did you get the espn ticker at the bottom, not their for me! Awesome
    Vid by the way!!

  • CJ543211 22 hours ago

    Wait I thought they weren’t making a college football game this year???

  • Don Gatez 21 hours ago

    Um how did u get the rankings 

  • Susan Carlson 20 hours ago

    where did you get the copy of the game

  • switcheffect 19 hours ago

    dunno why but this video wont load but your preseason one did 

  • hayden obrien 19 hours ago

    Finally and first haha

  • GamingPride 18 hours ago

    Yay it’s here

  • Drewandkaitlyn 18 hours ago

    Hey RBT I was wondering if you could do a live commentaries for the videos.
    The same commentaries as the ones you did for Florida. If you don’t want to
    its ok but please consider. Also, soooooooooo excited this has started

  • BostonCelticsfor18th 17 hours ago