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  • Jonathan Foy 3 days ago

    The Portland commentators are so overly biased. Just call it was it was,
    Swaggy P dropped. Plain and simple.

  • NiggaDaNinja 3 days ago

    Piggy Azalea is fucking hideous, her ass is fake, her accent is fake, her
    lyrics are fake, and she looks like Marlon from White chicks and a fucking
    albino alien mixed together. Swaggy P sucks Faggy Ds every day

  • GetOutBR11 3 days ago

    James Harden had 9 points and 5 turnovers on 25% shooting and let JJ Redick
    drop 20 #feartheflopper

  • Ariana Grande For Life 3 days ago

    Faggy P losing on and off the court, lmfao niggas girlfriend looks like one
    of the white chicks. Lakers = frauds
    Kings = real 2002 champions

  • Shawn B 3 days ago

    What’s the point of watching a 30 second ad just to watch a 31 second clip,
    the nba is making the short clips 31 seconds just so we are forced to watch
    an ad in which they make a shitload of money off the ad revenue from one

  • Nimza 3 days ago

    Mixed feelings about this 

  • miko4137 3 days ago

    Where’s all those dumb-fucks who watch ESPN and think they have Basketball
    knowledge who said Lakers are better without Kobe after we won that 1 game
    hahaha they went MIA

  • Chie S. 3 days ago

    He’s so FANCY

  • dannyboy47 3 days ago

    This dude can do a cross over but can’t even pick up his team. Fucking
    lakers are a joke. Ppl really thought they were ganna be something with
    Koby. Don’t get me wrong I like the Lakers, but damn man why they always
    playing like fucking high schoolers. It’s embarrassing, it really is. 

  • JJd Yomama 3 days ago

    1. Its big
    2. bitches wanna suck it
    3. Bitches want the juice
    4. they can get the juice cause I want the puce
    5. If she play game she get the deuce.(No more dick)
    6. I could fuck her in my sixes or my twos
    7. Between me and you (Girth size) she aint even gotta choose
    8. If I played ball she know my for would lose (testicle)
    9. If she hit me I hit her with my dick get the bruise (scrotum)
    10. Dick so big be on the news (work)

  • 2KGrind09 3 days ago

    who lied & called steve blake a good defender? 

  • Prince Rakeem 3 days ago

    K another nobody he is not Kobe fk him

  • lshooterl 2 days ago

    Not a real crossover, Nick clearly pushes off with his elbow and Blake is
    white and probably one of the weakest PGs in the league. Do this to LeBron
    I guarantee you Nick will be the one flying when he pushes the King.

  • Damon Johnson 2 days ago

    laker on former laker crime

  • Voyce datruf 2 days ago

    Is it just me or does it seem like people are starting to fall more and
    more these days from basic moves????????

  • DUB NATION 2005 2 days ago

    The Portland commentators suck ass man…..

  • Rafael Perez 2 days ago

    Nick Young is the the real *SWAGGY*

  • Ludwin Destang 2 days ago

    stepped on a team mate’s foot my ass lol..that boy was on skates

  • Its24x Legendary 2 days ago

    Swaggy P that was disrespectful shame on you

  • Edward Irra 2 days ago

    Blake was my favorite laker too. Oh well. He’s still better than the entire
    fucking roster, we need him back. 

  • Hassan 2k Whiteside 2 days ago

    A legit crossover by faggy P

  • JMyles 2 days ago

    RIP Steve Blake Ankles 

  • GerenalMax 2 days ago

    “Blake stumbled and fell…” really nigga?

  • Randy Ragsdale 2 days ago

    That’s poor defense by the Blazers. Look at how much space they gave Swaggy
    P to pull up and fade away with the jumper. Can’t do that. Gotta close out
    to shooters.

  • GriffinForceDjCp3 2 days ago

    Oh look Curry and harden fucked up tonight how does curry miss so much
    against the twolves lol bc he sucks ass and we held harden to only 9 points
    coming off of 40+ performances. #Inconsistent #ADMVP #Clippersnation