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  • Sports Gaming Universe 3 years ago
  • Marticus 97 3 years ago

    Go Hokies

  • Sports Gaming Universe 3 years ago
  • @thewalkingdead 3 years ago

    they really need to get Louisville new uniforms

  • s7 Fear 3 years ago

    Why r north Carolina’s helmets a foot ? 

  • Jaylon Salazar 3 years ago

    Where’s Cinncinnat’s Red Bowl Helmet?

  • SCFBall98 3 years ago

    I really hate UNC’s new uniforms this year. It was fun playing them week 1
    in Columbia. It’s gonna suck having to play in Charlotte I’d rather it be
    alternating home games

  • Andrew Grace 3 years ago

    Wheres the new Indiana helmets?

  • Kaman da 3 years ago

    And put Oregon’s uniforms in the game

  • Raiijah Adams 3 years ago

    wheres ohio states updated uniforms

  • slayer11447788 3 years ago

    on Xbox 360 to download the rosters or the uniforms do you have to have
    xbox gold because im connected to the internet but my gold ran out and i
    was just wondering

  • AndreTheTruth2 3 years ago

    Where the UTSA Orange uniforms EA?

  • Gregory Champion 3 years ago

    Wow, EA Sports ain’t wasting no time this year. Uniform #4 will be out in a
    week LOL

  • Nobody 3 years ago

    Love unc, but it isn’t worth it for me.

  • Caden Blackford 3 years ago

    They need to add Arizona States new flame helmets, new maroon helmets,
    their white helmet with black pitchfork, and black helmet with the black
    pitchfork! Same with Notre Dame’s 2012 Shamrock Series Uniforms!!!!!!

  • joshnyjets 3 years ago

    Idk y they make new glove but the celebration cut scenes are glitched its a

  • Cody Seidel 3 years ago

    Dafuck. no Oregon again?

  • DaCrazyRooster15 3 years ago

    do a dynasty with UNC!

  • Joe Flynn 3 years ago

    Worth it to get the UNC hydrocrhome, but i feel like they are kinda faded
    on the 360 version. barely see the Heel.

  • Joe Flynn 3 years ago

    there won’t be an NCAA game next year, gotta get all the profit they can
    out of this year.

  • TheCPonder7 3 years ago

    God damn it EA. you knew I couldn’t resist custom gloves for my Noles

  • cjlads1 3 years ago

    Another pass for me dey catching up on shit from last year smh, ok st had
    orange helmets for like 2yrs

  • sportcentral11 3 years ago

    That’s a scam helmets and gloves for a dollar or 80 cents but that’s still
    to much they should be free but then again this is EA!

  • jcshadess 3 years ago

    lame…. cause 60 isn’t enough… gotta milk every cent out of you they can

  • ThePurple112 3 years ago

    Then don’t buy it you raging nincompoop