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  • DUB NATION 2005 4 days ago

    Everybody stop saying the hawks have four all-star because they are #1 in
    the east, does that mean the warriors should have 4 all-stars? Hawks really
    shouldn’t have 4 all-stars. I dont care that they have a good record, or
    that Kyle Korver is having a record 3 point season, Stephen Curry set the
    record of 3’s in a season and didn’t make the all-star team that year.
    Honestly as a warriors fan, Im jealous, because if the Hawks can have 4
    all-stars, how come the Warriors only have 2, its bull shit that thunder
    have two all stars while being the 10th seed in the west, in my opinion if
    Kyle Korver gets to be the Hawks 4th all-star, Draymond Green should be the
    Warriors 3rd, look at their numbers and tell me Draymond’s are just as
    efficient as Korver’s. Obviously as Warriors fan I do sound a bit biased,
    but I am saying this as a NBA fan. Tell me what you guys think.

  • Will Legendxry 4 days ago

    No diss to Korver but it should have been Brandon Knight his team where
    there at because of him and ATL already had 3 guys should have given MIL a
    rep but they went with known name SMH

  • DavidsTheBestAt2K12 4 days ago

    Hold up a second he wants a Kyle Korver Kam? K.K.K hmmmmmmmmm interesting.

  • Christian Bradley 4 days ago

    1:39 Kyle Korver Kam… I see you trying to make a KKK joke

  • KryptoChronicutelite 4 days ago

    oh my fucking god stop the contradictions Skeets. you’ve been the biggest
    Hawks bandwagon in the media this year, and you’ve been consistently
    sucking all of their dicks, and fighting for Korver to make the ASG,
    (similar to sucking and fighting for Kyle Lowry to make it because you’re
    Canadian. Not because he’s deserving), but now that it’s official, you want
    to make some arguments for Brandon Knight, who actually deserved it.
    Fucking shut up already. It’s pathetic.

  • Popcorn grabber man 4 days ago

    Kyle Korver 3 pointer shots are all luck

    *Grabs Popcorn*

  • Freddy apex 4 days ago

    “Bucks have their whole team together” fire that idiot.
    Larry Sanders- OUT
    Jabari Parker- OUT
    ZAZA Pachulia- OUT
    and Ilyasova just came back from injury. 

  • Ariana Grande For Life 4 days ago

    Upload the half court shot you leflop dickriders.

  • Lawrence Hunt 4 days ago

    That 2006 pistons team at one point were 45-8. Then finished the season
    64-18. Pistons sucked so much ass now.

  • Sunny Sarker 4 days ago

    seriously i try to watch “the starters” all the time with some respect but
    who the heck are these guys . theyre like the nerds that never made it in
    highschool not even college let alone the nba. these are the same analytic
    idiots (charles barkely talked about) that dont know crap about basketball
    first hand. this is why inside the nba on tnt is so popular and these
    nobodys will always stay nobodys. id rather have my nba facts coming from
    people with real nba experience and championships. not once a week brent
    barry coming in (who is also a bench plaer most his life). this show should
    be called “The Bench Warmers”. what a joke, keep tas and trey and get rid
    of the other two idiots well since theyre smart or whatever maybe they can
    hand out the stat sheets. I dont know how theyre credible enough to suggest
    what teams should do to improve themselves or talk about other players,
    when they were ball boys their whole lives. get some black people in there
    sorry to say this show has 0 credibiliy. nerds talkin about basketball.

  • Zeus Sharp 4 days ago

    Kyle Lowry is a fat ass that turns the ball over and misses clutch shots
    and shots in general. Kyle Korver is horrible, can only make WIDE OPEN
    shots , put kemba in. Bunch of east bandwagons, no one in the east is gonna
    win it. Period. End of story.

  • BushMaster Savimbi 4 days ago

    Knight or Vucevic should have replaced him. This is bogus

  • James Richards 4 days ago

    sleepover. easy. I’m a die hard kings fan. From MT, gotta see c-webb, bibby
    (my favorite player of all time) Peja and Kevin Martin, in Utah… Bibby
    aside, and White Chocolate…… SWAGGY P!!!!!! C’mon. You know he’d be a
    blast to hang with. Maybe get Gilbert Arenas in there, and ya know i
    wouldnt mind Iggy up in there. I’m not talking pop either. There’s my 2

  • armin38822 4 days ago

    I LOVE Kyle Korver. I love the way he plays. He has 13 points per game but
    he’s like a magnet on the court. He provides amazing spacing because he’s
    running al the time and I think he’s the main reason why Atlanta is elite
    this year. He puts them over the top with his style of playing. I mean 52 %
    shooting from 3 point line is amazing if you consider just how mauch he
    shoots. BUT with all that being said I think Brandon Knight should be
    Wade’s replacment. He makes Bucks so much better and even if his numbers
    are simular from last year I still feel like he’s one of the most improved
    players in the league. Vucevic is also very good but Orlando is just not
    good enough and his 0.8 blocks per game has to go over at least 1 block per
    game. He’s 7 feet tall after all. 

  • Payton Parker 4 days ago

    “Could you imagine a roster with Kyle Korver and Ray Allen”

    Yes, it would consist of no defence and nobody to slash into the lane

  • petrucci15 4 days ago

    who gives a shit about lebron being MVP this season?!!? he doesnt deserve
    it in the slightest!
    give it to Pau Gasol, or someone who hasnt given up on their team half way
    through the season already…

  • Lance_Burst 4 days ago

    This kid Korver can only shoot 3-pointer, so what? He has absolutley no
    ball handling and sucks on defense. Its the truth. Theres many better
    people than Korver deserve to be an All-Star than him.

  • Sean O’Brien 4 days ago


  • Abdiel Neris 4 days ago

    As a hawks fan I hope Ray Allen joins the hawks mostly for his playoff
    experience. He would also provide spark off the bench because Mike Scott
    can be inconsistent. 1 game he makes 3-3 and another go 1-7.

  • john k 4 days ago

    Celtics did check in at the same time and in LA. you dumb ass motherfuckers
    do some research.

  • Keyandpeelelova 4 days ago

    Whoever did skeets and melas makeup should be absolutely fucking fired,
    right now.. C’mon, the shit looks awful

  • TheEpicDoge101 4 days ago

    Kyle korver doesn’t deserve all star. He has improved but not enough stats
    for an all-star. Jimmy butler had better stats than him last year

  • Corbin Biddiss 4 days ago

    Tas said in 2011 Doc Rivers did not check in all 4 Boston Celtic players…
    He is wrong! Just checked! 

  • GeloBeans 4 days ago

    knight should replace fuckboy lowry