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  • Stanley Ching 3 years ago

    I honestly feel like Chuck doesn’t watch the games or he just buys into
    easy and over-simplified rhetoric. The Warriors are much more than just “a
    jump shooting team”. They have the league’s BEST defence, they have two top
    10 scorers in the game, who also happen to be two of the top five shooters
    in the world. They have a fantastic bench, Lee, Iguodala and Speights,

    They have one of the best minds in the game as their coach, I love Kerr’s
    mentality, how professional he is, plus did I mention Green and Bogut
    forming a fantastic defensive combination? (plus Thompson, Barnes and
    Iguodala on the wing isn’t too bad either)

  • Tre Martin 3 years ago

    Spurs won last yr shooting jumpers so why can’t GS do the same 

  • jammin yammin 3 years ago

    The Warriors held the Pelicans to 9 field goals in the second half of the
    game.. so for 2 full quarters they scored 9 times.. thats it.. just for
    those saying the warriors are a jump shooting team
    btw ima knicks fan

  • _Maidez_ 3 years ago

    Why does Kenny say that PFs dont come out onto the perimeter. Who does he
    think is screening on most pick plays?

  • youngrizzle2003 3 years ago

    Charles Barkley knows what he talking about he just saying that when shit
    gets real and you need to dump it down low for a easy bucket bogut can’t
    get it done consistently if curry Thompson can shoot mid range and three
    point shots all the way to a ring i salute them.

  • Tommy Anderson 3 years ago

    I hate Charles Barkley with a passion

  • Plague Doc 3 years ago

    Chuck is right about jump shooting. they rely so heavily on Curry and
    Thompson to get hot. When they face a team like the grizzlies who have two
    low post guys who are gonna get atleast 10 boards a night and 15 pts eatch.
    they’re gonna have trouble. Draymond green is a great defender but he aint
    locking down Z-Bo. When they face a team with good bigs they’re gonna have
    a hard time.

  • pac shaker 3 years ago

    He has no clue about rebounding 

  • jammin yammin 3 years ago

    So Omar Asik or whatever his name is wasn’t avg a Double double in Htown
    before Dwight Howard got there? come on Chuck step up your analysts

  • younggwillis 3 years ago

    when has it won kenny?? when??

  • Rueben Sierra 3 years ago

    barkeley is just a dumb-ass!!!

  • G14able 3 years ago

    Charles is right about the Jump shots game.

  • pac shaker 3 years ago

    Charles is an idiot 

  • Ian Pena 3 years ago

    Shaq: “three asses….you like asses huh chuck” lol!