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We’ve got Diana, and you don’t.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • alexis lin 3 weeks ago

    Woah! She’s is actually really skilled compared to other members of WNBA…

  • Arturo Martín Lladó 3 weeks ago

    Great video, great music and great player.

  • Erika Damayanti 3 weeks ago

    Huhhh! So awesome!

  • SPC HOWARD VALENCIA 3 weeks ago

    that’s what i’m talking about

  • mariemenerville 3 weeks ago

    I gotta say I hate all those diana fan pages talking about how diana is the
    shit when all of them bandwagoners only liked merc for bg then found out it
    was diana who ran shit yea I can’t stand then but woooo can taurasi play
    basketball she is a winner on all levels

  • Albina McIntosh 3 weeks ago

    Uconn ❤️ 

  • daniel buxton 3 weeks ago

    uconn just won the ship

  • liana montez 3 weeks ago

    Was that her at the end?!?!

  • treyz11to 3 weeks ago

    She seems mean and cold-blooded… I like that

  • Antonio Navarro 3 weeks ago

    Diana Taurasi: Best Women’s Basketball Player Ever

  • Riley Scholl 3 weeks ago

    Love you Diana!!!

  • jessica pascual 3 weeks ago

    :) love her !

  • carmelbeauty101 3 weeks ago

    She’s a beast dawgg!!!!

  • Randy Garcia 3 weeks ago

    She got game though !

  • NyK NyCE 3 weeks ago

    beast… probably one of the best basketball PLAYERS in the world.

  • harryfrancoia 3 weeks ago

    which music is this one?

  • Gianni Garcia 3 weeks ago

    Michael jordan the best these girls are rookies

  • Bianca Morgan 3 weeks ago

    she had so many beast ass moments, the song was on repeat like 4 times.

  • thatguyonstage 3 weeks ago

    She’s like a female version of Steve Nash. I’ve never really seen any
    female players (no disrespect intended) that have wowed me, but this girl
    is sensational. I just might have to watch a few of her games on TV. Her
    passing and shooting abilities are incredible!

  • Randy Garcia 3 weeks ago

    Really ??? … I mean no disrespect for these talented ladies but seriously

  • jeoneby 3 weeks ago


  • Diana TaurasiVEVO 3 weeks ago

    I think I watch this video 10 times a day

  • highlyaroused83 3 weeks ago

    @ tony, well well…I don’t know about you bad mouthing Parker, I am
    totally not making it my business but both Taurasi and Parker are by far
    the best players in America, if they both stay healthy who knows what their
    class will do? If I say so only because it’s true, Parker is a much better
    player. She can play all 5 positions and yes she is more aggressive than
    most players out there male or female. Taurasi is pure sweetness and Parker
    is simply the best to this generation! Best of luck both

  • Keegan S 3 weeks ago


  • Kristan Franco 3 weeks ago

    Yes. I see a bit of Kyrie in him too. :) But i don’t agree that she’s
    athletic than Kyrie. lol