Hey everyone, it’s Lee (Regicidal1). Watch in HD, it’s so much better. It really makes a difference on this video. If you “like” this video, it means you like watching other people fail…
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  • iwazan00b 4 years ago

    @superalex121 WIN! YOU GOT 2ND!!!

  • xGeminiXII 4 years ago

    shhh shh shhh lol.

  • 505DubSMG505 4 years ago

    This is hilarious I came here from your recent story time.

  • Mitch G 4 years ago

    LOL i love these videos from you ahah

  • 143angelous 4 years ago


  • sharkey500 4 years ago

    Haha you are amazing

  • Regicidal 4 years ago

    @kingcainjr Thanks man, means a lot to me, I’ll always be myself throughout
    whatever I become or whatever success I accomplish. I’m no different than
    anyone else, we’re all human, just because I have subscribers doesn’t mean
    I can’t have fun with the crew and stuff. I love just hanging out with the
    crew and having fun with them. Showing it to you guys and having my
    followers and fans watch me and my friends fail, makes it all the better.
    Thank you for the support :)

  • iwazan00b 4 years ago

    @superalex121 Well you clearly wern’t joking because if you were everyone
    would know, or you just have a horribly immature Sence of humor! stop
    trolling and Get the fuck off youtube! Thanks bitch :D!

  • 4Ownedproductions 4 years ago

    please make this a series :D thumbs up so he knows we want more!

  • zartak321 4 years ago

    elefun fuck yeah!

  • Coffee Time With Austin 4 years ago

    @Regicidal1 Whats funny is that I fail … :c

  • Party122341 4 years ago

    5:44 Frosty!!!!!!!no

  • Dragoon DflyGfly 4 years ago


  • witzont 4 years ago


  • iwazan00b 4 years ago

    @superalex121 Wow get the F*** over it. nobody even cares that you got
    first that’s why i said that, because your fucking stupid :D!

  • superalex121 4 years ago


  • INERVISION5 4 years ago


  • Regicidal 4 years ago

    @MrSwordking090 Actually 2 were murdered. Completely decked.

  • westel100 4 years ago

    I LIEK snow

  • Regicidal 4 years ago

    @jlmaster23 Anything is possible, we make them happen.

  • jakekid25 4 years ago

    Reg I don’t play rs anymore so I’m not as active to u as others but I saw
    bloopers and I needed to whatch it lol sorry for not being all tht
    active… U shud make this a series and do u play cod at all? Jw

  • Greg Thorpe 4 years ago

    awesome vid man, i also heard you know my friend “Strictz” i think you have
    him added on skype? :D

  • outsiderz1 4 years ago

    bear grils lol

  • allignez 4 years ago


  • Sw00zies 4 years ago

    Who else thought the screen was cracked until he moved the wrapper away?